Deck Repairs Dealing With Deck Leaks in Your First Home

No one loves deck leaks. It's especially a bummer when it's your first home! Such leaks can cause wet floors, rust stains, rotted deck cores and many more damages besides spoiling the look. Decks that have been built in homes are prone to leaks on account of the architectural design. It is more of a nightmare to some people which is usually realized during the monsoon season. With summer underway, you never know when rains will start and you would face the inevitable. So the best way out is to learn the root causes of leaks and solutions to the problem.

Ask any deck building company about the most difficult problem they face, and they will tell you about the leaks. The problem with such leaks is that they are difficult to diagnose because there are usually more than one source of moisture invasion.

Even though most people assume that this issue arises due to the failure of decking membrane, yet there are many other bigger reasons from which the problem emancipates. These sources and their solutions are being discussed here.

Wall flashing

There are light fixtures, bibs, electric outlets and windows which are the source of leakage in decks. A minute amount of water penetration in these areas will be visible in the ceiling. One way out of the problem is urethane caulking. However, at times, the poorly flashed walls may have to undergo rebuilding.

Failure of decking membrane

Deck failure is always evident. It may be the result of nail heads having penetrated the surface, or due to large splits occurring in the membrane. So when you have your decking system failed, you need to replace the entire decking system. Patching though widely used is not an effective method. Replace the deckle with a fully adhered system. Employ urethra decking or the fiberglass method. It is always better to complete the decking replacement on the entire compound. Never opt for spot replacement as the net result would be an inconsistent finished quality. It would even cost you a much higher price.

Places that need to be checked for leaks

Always look at the roof to find out if there are any leaks near the penetrations.  Roof leaks on the perimeter also need to be looked out for. Leakage near the roof edges is common as flexible membrane flashing undergoes a transition to inflexible flashings. A leak may also appear due to condensation. This occurs when warm and moist air enters and comes into contact with the cold air in the deck. This usually happens after the winter season.

The best solution

The best solution in such cases is to hire the services of a deck repairing company. Dealing with leakage requires patience. This is a process of elimination and would likely require return visits. If you prefer to move ahead with new decking membrane, then you may obtain the same ceiling stain in the next storm. The best way out is to take the time and ensure that the job is done correctly.

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