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Whether you have plans to relocate to a new home in the near future or have just bought your first home, the prospect of such a feat can seem daunting. Your mind may shift to the many heavy, large or fragile items that must be relocated, and you may envision the stress and exhaustion that the move may cause.

Hiring a professional moving company is the best way to enjoy a smooth, easy relocation, and it is essential that you hire a reputable moving company to assist you. Learning more about the reputation of the moving company you are most interested in hiring is critical, and it can be accomplished in a few simple steps.


Seek Personal Recommendations Rather Than Online Reviews

Reading online reviews can be eye-opening in some cases. However, some moving companies have created fake reviews to improve their appeal to consumers, and this means that not all reviews you read are legitimate. More than that, some customers can be incredibly difficult to work with, and they may not be satisfied regardless of how exceptional the work was.

A smart idea is to learn more about the company by checking with the Better Business Bureau in your area. You may consider reading the company’s website as well, and the bio or “about us” page is often a helpful starting point. However, you should take the additional step of asking friends, family members and even colleagues for recommendations. If all else fails, you can also request that the company provides you with a list of references.

Verify the Company’s Licensing and Insurance

Any companies that offer interstate moving services should have a U.S. Department of Transportation Number. If the company only offers local services, they often need to have a state license to do so.

In addition, the company should be insured. You can call the insurance company directly to verify that the insurance is in good standing and to confirm that the policy provides compensation to you as a consumer if your personal items are damaged during the relocation.

Things can and do go wrong in a relocation even when the most skilled and focused movers are on the job. You want to ensure that you are properly compensated for lost or damaged items in the event something does go wrong.

Review the Company’s Experience
You should typically avoid using new and un-established businesses when hiring a moving company. Instead, look for a company that has been serving the community for many years or even decades. Consider when the company was established as well as if they have grown in size over time. Pay attention to the number of projects they have successfully completed over the years.

In addition, inquire about their participation in local or national moving organizations and about their participation in community events. The best company to work with is established and has shown they have an interest in helping the community in various ways.

Avoid Basing Your Decision on the Lowest Quote
It is understandable that you want to get the best deal possible on your relocation project. Moving services can be expensive, and you may have a tight budget to work with. However, good customer service and exceptional moving skills are far more important, and they can impact your moving experience as well as the condition of your property and belongings.

Rather than base your decision on price alone, confirm that the company regularly updates its blog or online articles. Verify that the vehicles they use are branded, and consider if the workers are required to wear uniforms. This will tell you more about how established and legitimate the company is.

Review Your Quote in Detail
Some moving companies have disclaimers that allow them to charge extra money after the service has been completed. You should read the fine print to verify what the quote includes. Look for things like labor, hours of service, fuel costs and more.

Ideally, you should always avoid getting online reservations. Instead, insist on speaking with a representative and have an estimator visit your home before providing a quote. Study the written contract or quote in detail, and ask questions to ensure you understand the service that will be provided and the fees that will be charged.

Hiring a quality moving company can seem like a lot of work. However, the condition of all of your belongings as well as property condition in both the old and new locations are at stake. You do not want to take any chances. By following these helpful tips, you can rest assured that you will be making a great decision when hiring a moving company.


Author Bio:  Emily Preston is a stay-at- home mom, freelance writer, cat lover, fitness junkie, and a huge fan of home improvement and eco-living. You can follow her via Twitter @emilypreston555


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